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Swedish food workers union combats invasion of temporary agency work at Scan


EFFAT reported in December 2013 that LIVS, the Swedish food workers union, had launched a campaign titled "Scandal" to highlight poor working conditions at Scan, Sweden's largest meat company.

The campaign was primarily targeted at Scan's practice of firing permanent employees in order to make way for temporary agency workers.

At the time of our last report, LIVS had had met with the Scan executive and was waiting to determine whether the company would fulfil its promise of training dismissed employees as cutters (where they did not previously work as cutters), and directly employ current temporary agency workers.

Further to that report, EFFAT is pleased to announce that the campaign has now been conclusively resolved.

On February 21, LIVS signed an agreement with Scan establishing that temporary agency workers should not normally be included in production, with the exception of the holiday season. Scan also rehired those workers with cutting skills who had been made redundant. Furthermore, the parties agreed that existing temporary agency staff would be taken on as permanent employees throughout 2014.

Finally, Scan will continuously implement cutting training programs to ensure an adequate skills base among its employees.

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