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EFFAT Project on Domestic Workers - Online Questionnaire


EFFAT is carrying out, with co-funding of the EU, the project “Promote industrial relations in the domestic work sector in Europe”.

The major objective of the project is to get an overview of industrial relations in the domestic work (DW) sector in Europe, i.e.

  • Which trade unions/organisations organise and represent DW?
  • What are the employers’ structures?
  • Where do collective agreements for DW exist and what do they cover?
  • Where are functioning social partner structures?

Information will be collected through an online survey and interviews. The results of the survey will be discussed at the EFFAT Women’s Conference on 19 November 2014 in Vienna, and a brochure presenting the findings will be published. The outcomes shall be the basis for the future EFFAT activities in the field of domestic workers.

EFFAT recruited Anna Basten, Germany, to carry out the study; and charged Celia Mather, UK, with developing the brochure. A Project Steering Committee (PSC) has been set up to advise the researchers in their work.

As a first step, a questionnaire was drawn up to collect the information on the industrial relations in the domestic work sector: one questionnaire for trade unions organising domestic workers, and one questionnaire for employers’ organisations.

The questionnaires are available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The questionnaires should be filled in online by 31 July 2014 at the latest. Here the links to the online survey:

For trade unions

For employers

The survey will be complemented by telephone interviews for which you might be approached by the researcher (Anna Basten).

Should you have any questions concerning the survey, please contact "> or

Please pass on this information and the link to the questionnaires to the person(s) in your federation being in charge of domestic workers, or in case your federation is not organising workers in the domestic work sector, please pass it on to the appropriate federation/organisation in your country.

Please also pass this information on to any employers’ association in the domestic work sector in your country, and send the contact details of the employers’ association to us.
Thank you very much for your support!

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