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Icelandic workers reach new collective wage agreement


The Icelandic Trade Unions (SGS) have succeeded in reaching a new collective wage agreement for Icelandic workers for the next three and a half years.

This remarkable achievement is the result of joint actions of members and international affiliates who expressed solidarity and support to their Icelandic counterparts,  following a call for support initiated by EFFAT. SGS had long been trying to engage in meaningful collective bargaining with employers’ associations to raise the working and living conditions of low paid workers, but had repeatedly seen their demands rejected.

The new agreement entails a significant increase in the lowest wages, up to ISK 300,000 (€2,000) minimum wage within three years. In addition, SGS has achieved a special wage increase for employees in the fishing industry, which represents one of Icelands’ chief employing industries. The agreement will be submitted to all the members in a general ballot.

EFFAT applauds its affiliates and congratulates its Icelandic members on reaching this important result.

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