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EFFAT releases Project Report on the European Employment Strategy 2020 in the Agriculture Sector


EFFAT agriculture sector has carried out a European project with the support of the European Commission, DG EMPL, on the European Employment Strategy 2020.

In close cooperation with its member organisations in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, EFFAT produced a report entitled: Identifying and Addressing priorities for overcoming the crisis and a successful implementation of the European Employment Strategy 2020 - a European Strategy 2020: A European Initiative of EFFAT.

The project’s report is being developed in the specific scenario in which the European Employment Strategy 2020 is a key moving force at a time when the volume and quality of agricultural employment are in upheaval. Meanwhile, Europe’s widely diverse agriculture faces countless challenges in terms of markets/products, structure of agricultural holdings, and answering a widening range of demands, new technologies and know-how, in 28 Member States that set their own strategies and priorities.

Agricultural employment is both contracting and offering working conditions in which a "full time job" is a declining idea. Yet, agriculture is an industry that depends to a greater extent on manual labour than other sectors of the economy, and has a larger female workforce. The sector is also characterized by a high proportion of undeclared work which further undermines its ability to meet the challenges it faces.

In the report, EFFAT outlines the main results of this project which consist of a summary report of the work after the general conference held in Vienna in November 2015, and a brochure with the main guidelines & recommendations for future action.


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