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Solidarity with refugees - EFFAT speaks with one voice on the role of trade unions in the current migrants crisis


EFFAT’s latest management committee meeting has been busy discussing the role of trade unions as thousands of refugees are currently arriving in the European countries.

Confronted with the plight of immigrants fleeing war, oppression, exploitation and economic hardship, EFFAT sends a united message with the trade union movement and commits to taking up its share of responsibility for the organisation of refugees in the society and their integration in the labour market.

Against the failure of the EU member states to provide a viable solution to the current humanitarian crisis, EFFAT’s members unanimously called for the improvement of the refugees’ management system, the fair distribution of immigrants amongst all EU member states, and - with the EU financial support - their quicker integration into the labour market

The role of trade unions in this process is paramount. The experience EFFAT has in welcoming migrant workers in its sectors needs to serve as a basis to establish long term solutions to the international migration crisis to the benefit of a prompt social and labour integration.

EFFAT recognises the importance to take a common approach with employers in the sectoral social dialogues both at the European and national level .

In this light, EFFAT is committed to moving forward with the exchange of best practices to put forward an effective solution. As an example, in Sweden, the Trade Unions Confederation (LO)’s Executive Council has decided to give money to the UNHCR for its work with refugees and the Swedish Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Union (HRF) concluded an agreement with the employers to find new pathways of integration in the hospitality sectors.

EFFAT will step up its efforts to contribute constructively to this crisis.


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