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New EWC established in Schreiber Group


On 23 November 2016 a new European Works Councils was set up in Schreiber Group. The company, headquartered in the US, produces and distributes, among others, yogurt, natural cheese, processed cheese and cream cheese worldwide, and boasts European branches in Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal and Slovakia. EFFAT affiliates are largely organised in the majority of the countries involved.

Since the official launch of the negotiating process, EFFAT has appreciated the constructive and positive approach showed by Schreiber Central Management.

Enrico Somaglia, EFFAT Company Policy Officer, lead the negotiations on behalf of the employees’ delegation: “Today it is an historic day for Schreiber employees. Both EFFAT and Schreiber Management undertook these negotiations with a very clear objective: establishing a workers representative body that is an added value for the entire Group. I thank all the parties involved for the great work we were able to accomplish. The openness and cooperative spirit that lead to this agreement should be taken as an example”.

The signing of the agreement was achieved in less than nine months and its provisions go far beyond the standards of the EWC Directive. An EFFAT delegation will continue to coordinate the EWC on behalf of all affiliates involved. It is now responsibility of EFFAT and all actors involved that the good provisions of this agreement are fully implemented and possibly improved.

The First EWC plenary meeting is scheduled for April next year. 

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