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Workers’ cross border solidarity blocks Starbucks’ strikebreaking attempt


As after three negotiating rounds in the German fast food sector the employers had not come up with any substantial offer, NGG, the German Food, Beverages and Hospitality Trade Union, had started strike actions. Starbucks reaction was to recruit workers in Poland to “volunteer” to “support” Starbucks Coffee Shops in Germany to ensure full service to clients in the event of strikes, preconditions were basic German language skills, EU passport and flexibility.

NGG sharply criticized these attempts to break the strikes in  Germany. Following the actions of Polish trade unions and workers in front of Starbucks outlets in Warsaw and Poznan, the company AmRest, which operates Starbucks in Central Europe and in Germany, gave up attempts to recruit strike breakers amongst their Polish workers.

EFFAT will continue to closely follow the developments and praises that the resolution of the conflict occurred thanks to workers’ cross border solidarity.

For more information:
NGG press release 

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