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Join “My Fair Home” campaign | Give decent work to domestic workers


Friday 16 June is International Domestic Workers’ Day.  

During the week leading to the day, EFFAT, in collaboration with IDWF, wants to re-launch the “My Fair Home” Campaign.

We are calling upon all EFFAT affiliated trade unions to ask their officials (paid staff) and activists (elected unionists) who use the services of domestic workers to take action and join the campaign and ensure that their home is a fair workplace.

There are several ways for you to take active part this week:



This is the pledge we are asking to sign:

I pledge to uphold the principles of ILO Convention 189, and protect and promote the rights of domestic workers by taking the following actions:

o   I will ensure that fair wages are paid to the domestic workers I employ (at least the minimum wage), and that domestic workers have reasonable work hours and time to rest.

o   I will negotiate the terms and conditions of employment with the domestic workers I employ, ensuring a mutual understanding through a written agreement.

o   I will ensure that the domestic workers I employ have access to decent healthcare.

o   I will actively ensure a work environment that is free from abuse, harassment and violence.

o   I will ensure that the domestic workers I employ enjoy decent living conditions.

o   I will ensure that the domestic workers I employ can benefit from a good work-life balance.


Here you can access and sign the pledge here in  ENG | DE | FR 



You can send us a photo of yourself alone or together with your domestic worker upholding the signed and printed pledge.

Download the pledge for your picture here in ENG | DE | FR



We created a paper home which you can cut and build. Send us the picture of your hands holding the house, mirroring the logo of the campaign "My Fair Home" and "My Hands In Your Hands".

Download it here



During the week leading to 16 June, post you messages and photos on social media. Use #myfairhome2017 and tag EFFAT and IDWF

Twitter: @EFFAT_Press | @IDWFED

Facebook: EFFAT | IDWF

No matter which way you choose to join the campaign, it will give a strong signal to the public, showing that trade unions are upholding the principle of “decent work for domestic workers” in their own ranks.

It’d be great if you could publish the request to sign the pledge in your newsletter and other external and internal communication tools, so that trade union officials and activists in your organisation could sign the pledge

Thanks for your support!


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