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Health and safety at work! EFFAT signs European Convention with Barilla


On 31 May EFFAT and the members of the Barilla EWC, in representation of their respective unions, signed an agreement on Health and Safety with Barilla Group Management.

The primary objective of the text is to set out guidelines to promote better and broader preventative health and safety measures across the group’s sites, also against psychosocial risks and work-related stress.

By signing this agreement, the parties aim to further protect the physical and mental wellbeing of Barilla employees, with a “zero accidents” objective applied across the board.

The means to reach this ambitious target are:

  • the adoption of a preventive approach in terms of methods and objectives, by using a comparative system among countries;
  • the adoption of transversal prevention plans linked to quantitative and qualitative targets;
  • enhanced social dialogue with EFFAT and its Member Organisations with a clear orchestration among levels of information and consultation and a specific role for the EWC coordinated by EFFAT;
  • specific training programmes;
  • monitoring and follow-up.

The agreement also makes reference to Directive 89/391/EEC and the EU Framework Agreement on work-related stress signed by EU Social Partners on 8 October 2004.



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