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A Global Week of Action for Hotel Housekeepers


EFFAT fully supports the IUF's Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action from 9 to 15 October 2017 during which hotel housekeepers and their trade unions around the world will hold a wide range of actions to raise awareness and achieve better working conditions in the sector.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers have safe and decent working conditions. Therefore, hotel housekeepers should be entitled to:

  • right to freely form or join a union and to collective bargaining;
  • right to permanent, stable and full-time jobs;
  • right to a living wage and to equal pay for equal work;
  • right to form H&S trade union committee in each workplace;
  • national laws and international standards to acknowledge this job as arduous work;
  • policies to protect workers from outsourcing;
  • workloads that fit workers’ health conditions and prevent them from getting injured;
  • workloads adjusted to working environment, especially in relation to the size of the room, room equipment and facilities;
  • safe workplace with ergonomic working tools, preventing measures and adequate protections;
  • adequate education and training;
  • working in pairs to share workloads, variate tasks and minimize risks of injuries and sexual harassment;
  • safe and reliable transportation, where public transportation is not available, for workers working on early/late shifts.

Along with the IUF we invite you to share, as actively as possible, all the photos of your events, comments, etc. through the Facebook page of our campaign   and use the already established hashtags, #Fairhousekeeping and #makemyworkplacesafe. 

Please disseminate these hashtags and Facebook link widely  in order to achieve greater for housekeepers in the world.


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