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New EWC established at Cargill inc.


On 7 February the management of Cargill inc. and special negotiating body agreed on the establishment of a new European Works Council.

The negotiations ended up with a positive outcome for the SNB and EFFAT Member Organisations with membership in the Group.

Enrico Somaglia, EFFAT Company Policy Officer, commented on the EWC negotiations saying: "It was a very long and at times difficult process but we are happy with the outcome. I must congratulate with the SNB and with the Expert for this positive achievement. This agreement is an added value for Cargill employees and the entire group as a whole" .

The previous agreement concluded in 1996 was based on Article 13 of the 1994 EWC Directive. It was terminated on 25 November 2014. EFFAT member organizations then asked for the establishment of a new EWC  based on the provisions of the 2009/38/EC Directive.

The most positive elements of the agreement include:

  • Legally binding agreement with all minimum standards of Recast Directive
  • 3 days annual meeting
  • Two annual gatherings of the EWC including training
  • Select Committee composed of 6 members + deputies  and meetings 3 times a year
  • Free choice of experts and two experts paid by company
  • Own budget for EWC with full control by EWC
  • Communication rights including an intranet page administered freely by EWC
  • Visiting rights of EWC members to all sites in their country
  • Visiting rights for Select Committee members to all EU countries
  • Protection: very high standards
  • Elections: EWC (SC) in control of election process
  • Disputes: EWC Agreement legally enforceable, legal costs to be paid by Cargill
  • UK to be part of the EWC despite Brexit


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