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The EFFAT Company Policy department coordinates cross-border cooperation and solidarity in transnational companies (TNCs) that operate in the EFFAT sectors. It represents and advocates EFFAT views towards TNC management, social partners, stakeholders and the European institutions. To effectively defend workers’ interests and ensure sustainable corporate governance, EFFAT promotes trade union rights, collective bargaining, information, consultation and participation rights in transnational companies. EFFAT tasks include establishing and taking part in European Works Councils (EWCs) that operate in the EFFAT sectors. This entails setting up and coordinating ethical EWCs and providing legal and technical expertise to Special Negotiating Bodies (SNBs) and European Works Councils. The EFFAT Company Policy department advocates EFFAT principles and views with respect to EU dossiers such as workers’ participation, labour law, company law, taxation, collective bargaining and corporate social responsibility.

Enrico Somaglia

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