EFFAT Congress

The 5th EFFAT Congress will take place on 6 and 7 November  2019 in Zagreb (Croatia). 

The two days event is held every 5 years. It sets out EFFAT’s political priorities and work program to ensure workers’ decent conditions and fair pay from farm to fork.

EFFAT Congress is a key moment to place EFFAT’s demands within the economy and social policy landscape, renew its framework programme and advocate for a worker-oriented EU.

As the massive societal changes are occurring, the platform economy is triggering new forms of employment and the rise of nationalism are questioning the solidity of the European project, European workers face a crucial moment with regards to their living and working conditions.

Against this political backdrop, it will be the task of the Congress not only to discuss about the future of work, the future of Europe and the future of EFFAT but also to take the necessary decisions for a stronger EFFAT in the next 5 years and elect its new leadership.

To make sure you get all the info about Congress please visit: https://effat.org/5congress/

We look forward to welcoming you in Zagreb in November!




The 4th EFFAT Congress took place on 20 and 21 November 2014. Please find below the outcome documents.