Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Our affiliate NGG has carried out warning strikes and is preparing for further industrial action at global cocoa manufacturer Barry Callebaut in response to the company’s violation of trade union rights. Barry Callebaut refuses to respect the regional collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for northern Germany.

In response, NGG members at Barry Callebaut carried out warning strikes the week of June 3, 2019. NGG Barry Callebaut workers are prepared to continue industrial action until Barry Callebaut respects the regional CBA and they are employed under the same terms and conditions as other workers covered under the agreement. “Nine hours of extra work per month, no real Christmas bonus, no holiday pay and reduced shift surcharges – the employees are fed up. We therefore demand a significant salary increase of 230 euros per month and a real Christmas bonus of 100% of a monthly income. In the long term, Hamburg’s tariff standards must apply to the German confectionery industry – just as in the group’s Norderstedt plant,” says NGG Regional Director Silke Kettner.

Barry Callebaut is now attempting to intimidate NGG members by demanding the names of workers who are prepared to take strike action – a violation of the right to strike set out in Germany’s constitution, the Basic Law. Please find attached a sample message to send to Barry Callebaut calling on the company to negotiate in good faith with the NGG, adhere to the northern Germany confectionary industry collective bargaining agreement and immediately cease all activity that attempts to interfere with workers’ right to strike.

Please send copies of any messages you might send to

Yours in solidarity,

Sue Longley
General Secretary

Sarah Meyer
International Officer: Food Processing

Sample message to Barry Callebaut

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